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TW: Islamophobia in UK newspapers.

F: This is what the Sun chose to run in its print version after the massacre in Norway at the hands of Anders Breivik.

Why Norway? The answer is simple.

Because it is brave. It is a loyal member of NATO and plays its part in Afghanistan and Libya.

It has courageously stood up to Muslim fanatics trying to stir up hatred in Norway, where Islam is the second largest religion.

Recently it refused a grant to an Islamic leader demanding that those who did not observe Ramadan should be decapitated.

By daring to oppose terrorism, Norway has become a victim of it.


This was before, of course, the actual terrorist came to light (the Aryan Christian nationalist who attacked a Labour youth camp because of its tendency to the left). There was nothing to implicate Muslims in this yet this rag of shit used it as a chance to stir up racist, Islamophobic feelings anyway in its vast readership.

The Mail, too, has a habit of using false and sometimes just completely made up information to slur Muslims, like the farce of claiming two thirds of young Muslims in the UK support honour violence. Just to note - as well as the grossly out number (it was 6%, for fuck’s sake, matched with 8% Christians), the actual questionnaire reported on Asians, not Muslims.

Sneer with derision at the term Islamophobia if you like - but until the UK news stops actively trying to incite violence and hatred against Muslims, until it literally stops advocating for circumstances which lead to their deaths (the Norway massacre in the print version of the Sun was also used to make a point about whether we should be keeping ‘bogus Asylum-seekers’), don’t say that in front of me because I will scream your absolute face off.

Any ‘Islam-critical’ people who are not criticising white Christianity a fuckton more than Islam, or who objects to parts of Islam like the hijab, niquab and burqa, or who is not criticising it because it is a religion (in other words, if you’re criticising it, it better fucking be because you’re anti-all religion), unfollow me. For serious get the crap away.

To the Muslim brothers and sisters, I am so damn sorry this shit exists.

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